Redwood Roots

Redwood Roots

The tallest tree in the Redwood forest is named Hyperion, it measures 378.1 ft. To put that into a bit of perspective that is taller than the Statue of Liberty from the base of the pedestal to the tip of the torch. It is also larger around and through than a Greyhound bus. On mature trees, the soft and stringy fibrous bark may grow to 2 feet thick. The thick bark is specifically designed to protect from fire damage, protecting the precious water & nutrient source in the center of the tree. it’s bark is poisonous/inhospitable to insects or vermin infestations. They have been around since the time of the dinos. The seed starts at just 3 mm long. And the growth of redwood trees is dependent on the heavy fogs.. okay if i haven’t gotten your attention yet, i don’t know how we can be called ‘friends’. i was so intrigued with all this knowledge!


Redwoods are inclusive beings—as they grow they incorporate into their basic structure objects around them, including rocks and other trees. Although redwoods have shallow roots they are noted for their strength and longevity because they share their roots with others. Each individual tree is invited into the whole and, in turn helps support the entire group. This adaptation appears to have worked, for redwoods are among the oldest living things on earth. (date back to the time of the dinosaurs)


Testimonies can and should be as naturally inclusive in order to survive and thrive. We too need to learn to consciously share our roots with others, to ask for encouragement and support when we need it, and stand ready to give the same to those who come to us. when we feel the promptings of the holy spirit, we must not shrink, but rather share that knowledge. you never know, that may be the precise root that another person is looking for to wrap around for courage until they can gain their own testimony of that topic. don’t let the fiery darts of the adversary attack your testimony–keep your bark strong to protect it. don’t let one negative or bad experience from bearing your testimony/speaking what the spirit whispers to you creep inside you like an insect or vermin infestation, but make your bark inhabitable.


2 things to remember::

aka [the redwood principle]:
1. The tallest tree in the forest did not get that way by having the deepest roots.

  1. The tallest tree in the forest did not get that way all on it’s own.


so next time fear and doubt enter your heart after a spiritual prompting. Remember those tall woody friends of ours in my favorite forest, and speak up.


share your roots.

-it is written.


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